Employee of the Month

Nominations for Employee of the Month must reach the Human Resources Department at the Hermiston Main Office by the first of each month. The application must be completed and submitted to the Awards Committee who will review, then score applications and make a decision within one week. Announcement and Presentation of the award will be made at the Employee’s work site in a special manner. If a nominee for one month is not selected, a new application needs to be submitted for that employee to be considered in a subsequent month. Employees cannot receive the award more than one month out of the year.

Employee of the Month will be selected from September through April. The winners from each month will be considered for the Employee of the Year Award. The announcement and presentation for Employee of the Year will be made at Revision or Wellness Day.


The Employee of the Month will receive recognition on a plaque and on the website. The Employee of the Year will receive a special insignia denoting “Employee of the Year” on the plaque and a $50 Gift Certificate.

Criteria for Selection I

1. Must be an employee of the agency who has successfully completed the 6 month introductory period.
2. Must demonstrate exemplary performance or contribution in one or more of the following areas: teamwork, leadership, promotion of safety
in the workplace, outstand performance, and/or interest and progress toward professional development. The employee must also exhibit
reliable and dependable attendance/punctuality.

Criteria for Selection II

Rating CriteriaMaximum Points
Exemplary performance or contributions in:
Teamwork30 points
Leadership30 points
Outstanding Performance for the Month30 points
Supervisory Support (does not need to be in writing)10 points
TOTAL POINTS100 points

The Awards Committee will make final selection. The committee will consider completeness of application.