Volunteer of the Month

Thank you, Pete – UMCHS Volunteer of the Month for January, 2017

Pete coordinates 5 to 7 volunteers to read to the children each week. The children LOVE when the readers come and read to them. The readers read to the same few children and they go home with books every month. Pete coordinates the volunteers for 5 Head Start classrooms. They come Tuesday through Wednesday. He is always available and truly committed to volunteering and enriching the lives of these children.

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Selection Process

Nominations for volunteer of the month must reach the Hermiston main office by the first of each month. The application must be completed and submitted to the Awards Committee who will review, then score applications and make a decision.

Criteria for Selection I

  1. Must have volunteered for at least a month.
  2. Must demonstrate exemplary performance or contributions in one or more of the following areas: Type of volunteer service, volunteer hours contributed, volunteer impacted the center staff and family.

Criteria for Selection II

Exemplary performance or contributions in:
Type of volunteer service50 points
Number of volunteer hours25 points
Head Start Staff letter of support25 points
Total Points100 points

The Awards Committee will make final selection. The committee will consider completeness of application.