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to Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc.

Volunteering is rewarding and beneficial. Children benefit when community members and parents know about and support what is happening in their child’s education. By volunteering you get to know us and the programs. It also opens up career opportunities for you!

We look forward to assisting volunteers in becoming successful in their area of interest and skill development. We are enthusiastic, energetic and willing to offer encouragement and support.

If you choose, we can provide job training and experience for gaining future employment.
Volunteer often, we appreciate it, and it’s valuable to you and our program.

UMCHS In-Kind Policy & Procedure          UMCHS In-Kind/Match & Philanthropy


In existence since 1965 with local Community Action Programs, Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc. (UMCHS) became incorporated as a separate multipurpose agency in 1987. The agency currently operates a variety of programs with different funding sources including Federal, State, County, and Private Foundation grants. UMCHS, Inc. serves children and families in seven rural Eastern Oregon counties: Umatilla, Morrow, Grant, Gilliam, Wheeler, Sherman, and Wallowa. The agency currently overseas the following programs and services:

  • Head Start Program (HS)
  • Oregon Pre-Kindergarten Program (OPK or OPP)
  • Early Head Start Program (EHS)
  • Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
  • Child Care Resource and Referral Program (CCR R)
  • Car Seat Program
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Healthy Families
  • Family Support and Connections (FSC)

Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc. operates a comprehensive child development and educational program for children and their families that capitalize on involvement of the entire family in the child’s growth. Staff believes the educational process for children begins at home and assists families to recognize their responsibility. Staff participates in the process by providing resources, training and experience which aid in the overall physical, social emotional and cognitive development of children.


Umatilla-Morrow Head Start, Inc. (UMCHS) actively promotes the use of volunteers and community resources to expand and improve programs for the benefit of the children and families served. The importance of using volunteers and other resources is recognized in Federal policies, such as those requiring programs to:

  • Maintain an adult/child ratio of 1:10 (HS) or 1:4 (EHS) in the classroom, utilizing volunteers.
  • Encourage volunteers to participate to the fullest extent possible in all program operations.
  • Calculate the value of volunteer time as a part of in-kind (non-Federal match for Federal monies)
  • Use available community resources to provide service to children before spending Federal funds.

Volunteers can be professional and nonprofessional, parents, local residents, and members of the larger community. Volunteers serve as board, advisory, and policy council members; work in the classrooms, office and kitchens; provide training and education; and provide medical and dental exams. The following are some ways volunteers can spend their time in the program:

  • Assisting in the classroom
  • Participating in the SMART reading program
  • Serving as a CASA advocate
  • Providing clerical help in offices
  • Becoming a bus monitor
  • Assisting at the center in the kitchen
  • Performing maintenance duties in offices and classrooms
  • Assisting with child care for agency activities/meetings
  • Becoming a mentor
  • Becoming a Healthy Families “Welcome Baby” visitor
  • Performing maintenance duties in offices and classrooms
  • Sharing talents and skills with other parents in training/workshop/activity setting.

The Procedure to volunteer for the Umatilla Morrow Head Start, Inc. program is as follows:

  • Complete the Program Application
  • Submit to a criminal record check (if volunteering more than 4 hours a week). This does not apply:
    • to parents of children in care unless they are assisting in the provision of child care.
    • to teen volunteers that are under 18 years of age.
  • Complete an onsite interview with agency Volunteer Program Coordinator and onsite supervisor.
  • Show documentation of a TB screen before volunteering (if volunteering more than 4 hours a week).

For more information about volunteering at a center, please contact
Jesus Rome – Volunteer Manager (541) 564-6878

CASA Training Calendar

Volunteer Positions

Bus Monitor

Job Description: To assist in providing safe transportation for children and parents.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Monitor of children and adults while being transported.
  • Ensure that all child restraints are properly installed on the bus.
  • Assure safety restraints are fastened and kept fastened during route.
  • Assist with boarding and exiting the bus.
  • Help with evacuations and assist in the event of an emergency.
  • Discipline children in a consistent manner and inform teacher’s of disciplinary problems on the bus.
  • Help with evacuation drills which are done monthly.
  • Ensure that bus is attended at all times by the driver, teacher, monitor or parent when children are present.
  • Assist with post trip of bus to assure all students have departed from bus.
  • Assist with the delivery of take home material.

CASA Volunteer

Job Description: Each Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) will be assigned to a case that involves one or more children. Through the duties of a CASA, the CASA will advocate in court for the best interest of the child, which is a safe permanent home. Time commitment for CASA volunteer is 18 to 24 months.

Job Responsibilities:

  • CASA meets the child/children at least once a month. The Court expects you to know the child/children and advocate for the child/children.
  • The CASA will keep a case file that will include written factual notes of interviews and observations.
  • The CASA will help keep all parties focused on the permanent plan for the child/children.
  • The CASA will participate in any planning or treatment team meeting regarding the child/children.
  • The CASA will participate in the Citizen Review Board (CRB) process for the case.
  • The CASA will attend all court hearings for the case.
  • The CASA will be supervised by the CASA Program Manager.
  • A CASA’s involvement with the case continues until either the case ends, the judge has determined that a CASA is no longer needed for the case, or the CASA resigns.
  • All of the CASA’s records, including notes, must be returned to the CASA program when the case closes.
  • It is never appropriate for a CASA to initiate contact with a child or family once the appointment to the case has ended.

To learn more about CASA please click this link.

CCR&R Trainer

Job Description: To train and educate childcare providers and community members in the areas of childhood care and education and related topics.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide professional developments opportunities to community members, including the following, but not limited to the following areas: Child development, learning environments, educational curriculum, health issues, gardening, business practices, legal issues, communication skills, working with children with special needs and other child care related topics.
  • Training sessions typically take place Monday thru Friday, 6:30-7:30 pm or 6:30-8:30 pm.
  • Classes usually are 1 to 2 sessions in length.


Job Description: To assist office secretary with written correspondence, verbal communnication, and computer entry.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Understand general office procedures-appropriate telephone communication and etiquette with message taking.
  • Understanding of how to use the telephone system.
  • Filing, copying, greeting clients, use of a 10 key, laminator, and other office equipment.
  • Will be able to send out mailings using the postage machine, including different weights and odd sized packages.
  • Basic understanding about Head Start, Early Head Start, USDA, WIC, Child Care Resource and Referral, CASA, FSC, Healthy Start, Car Seat Loan Program, and classes that are offered.
  • Understanding of organizational matrix and who is located where.
  • Refers people to the correct program.
  • Which component uses which forms.
  • Have experience or knowledge with computers and computer applications.
  • Demonstrates good customer relations skills and the ability to work effectively with people of different personalities.

Cook Assistant

Job Description: To assist the cook in preparing are attractive USDA approved meals while keeping the kitchen and classroom areas clean and sanitary according to Health Department ordinances; to maintain adequate food stocks, kitchen supplies, and nutrition records.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with a cook in kitchen preparing food.
  • Prepare creditable family-style meals for children, volunteers, and staff using UMCHS menu.
  • Assist in planning and preparation of classroom Nutrition Activities.
  • Knowledge of early childhood nutrition.
  • Will be familiar with basic food groups and the required amounts within these groups.
  • Ability to prepare all types of food, including a variety of cultural dishes.
  • Become familiar with USDA buying guide and menu planning sheets.
  • Participate in scheduled shopping trips with center cooks.
  • Clean and sanitize dishes, tableware, pot, pans, etc. in a timely manner.
  • Maintain cleanliness of kitchen at all times.

Gardening Volunteer

Job Description: We have compiled job descriptions from other gardens to help organize and keep the garden going strong! These are grouped into nine categories with specific job titles and descriptions below each category. As you can see there are many ways to describe garden jobs.


Coordinator – organize and facilitate some activities in the garden, lead contacts for the garden, manage gardeners and relations with community, other organizations, etc.
Garden Maintenance – care and maintenance of common areas, pathways, borders, common gardens, etc.
Maintenance and Repair – purchase and repair of structures and equipment, tools, benches, trellises, sheds, hoses, etc.
Events – develop and coordinate garden and community events.
Outreach and Community – create garden newsletters, public relations, website maintenance, food shelf relationships.
Water – regulate water usage, keep garden well-watered, have knowledge about drip system.
Pest Control – monitor, report and treat for pest problems including weeds, insects and animal pests.
Supplies – secure seeds, plants, woodchips, dumpsters, etc. for the garden season.
Greenhouse Maintenance – In order to have beautiful plants all year round, it isn’t enough just to put them in a greenhouse – you still have to maintain it properly.

Health Resource Assistant

Job Description: To assist Health Resource Assistant in planning, coordination, and implementation of the health services program.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct vision and hearing screens with children.
  • Conduct re-screenings with children who do not pass initial vision and/or hearing screen.
  • Conduct immunization review and monitor immunization status of children.
  • Assist with coordination of, and restocking of First Aid kits, and providing updated emergency postings at centers, as deemed necessary by supervisor.
  • Assist with ongoing assessment of health education needs and assist with the distribution of health information to children, staff and parents as deemed necessary by supervisor.
  • Attend health related meetings as requested by Health Services Director.

Healthy Families Visitor

Job Description: To visit new mothers and fathers in the hospital who have just had their first child. Hand out books, gifts and other resources. The visitor also discusses Healthy Start services and conducts a voluntary New Baby Questionnaire.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Visit new parents and discuss with them about Healthy Start program.
  • Provide families with “Welcome Baby” packet and resources.
  • Conduct with parents the statewide “New Baby Questionnaire”.
  • Provide Healthy Start with referrals to the program.
  • Time requirement is typically 1hr per week.

Maintenance Specialist

Job Description: To assist janitor in maintaining cleanliness and repairs in all areas of facilities and outdoor environments.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain safety of the environment for staff and children.
  • Maintain cleanliness of facilities on a rotating basis.
  • Ensure disposal of garbage each school day.
  • Ensure that paper towels and toilet paper are available at all times.
  • Sweep and mop the classroom and bathrooms each day.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas each school day.
  • General cleaning duties-wash windows monthly and sills weekly.
  • Wash sinks and toilets each school day.
  • Maintain a healthy, safe, and attractive outdoor environment.
  • Ensures regular maintenance and upkeep of outdoor environments.


Program Description: Heart to heart mentoring program focuses on serving the highest behavior need students in the classroom. Age typically ranges from 2 year old to 5 year old students. Mentors meet with mentees in the Head Start classroom. Part day classes run Monday to Thursday, 8:30-3:30 and full day classes run 6:30-6:00. Mentors will spend one to two hours a week with the mentee throughout the program year.

Job Description: Mentors will be a supportive and reliable role model to preschool children in the classroom. Mentors will assist students in learning skills in the area of social and emotional development.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Mentors will have fun playing, reading and have floor time with student.
  • Mentors will acquire skills in observing the child in the classroom.
  • Mentors will model appropriate behaviors in the classroom.
  • Mentors will interact with mentees in a purposeful and goal driven manner.
  • Mentors will meet with student a minimum of once a week.
  • Mentors will be required to attend once a month mentoring trainings.
  • Mentors will meet with the student throughout the school program year.

SMART Site Coordinator

Job Description: This key volunteer position is essential to the SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program. The Site Coordinator works with SMART and the site staff to implement and oversee the program throughout the program year. Because of the leadership of Site Coordinators, children and volunteers throughout the state of Oregon are able to participate in SMART. Under the Site Coordinator’s guidance, SMART is able to provide individual reading attention and books to thousands of children, helping them discover the love of reading.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Attend all scheduled meetings and trainings or otherwise make arrangements with the SMART manager prior to the meeting.
  • Communicate with site staff to establish the reading schedule.
  • Create a welcoming, organized and comfortable reading space.
  • Contact volunteer Readers to schedule them to read.
  • Ensure that volunteer Readers are trained, understand their roles and enjoy their experiences.
  • Provide oversight during all reading times to help children and volunteer Readers select books, answer questions, offer reading tips, and ensure safety policies are being followed.
  • Maintain the SMART book inventory at the site.
  • Recruit new volunteer Readers throughout the year to help ensure every identified child has a volunteer.
  • Establish regular and effective communication between co-Site Coordinators and/or Site Team Members, if applicable .
  • Actively participate in trainings, site visits and program assessments.

SMART Volunteer

Job Description: SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) recruits thousands of volunteers to read one-on-one with Pre-K to third grade children in need of literacy support. Every week for seven months, volunteers read aloud with kids to help them gain confidence in their reading ability. Students receive up to two books each month to take home and build a home library.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Read and relate to children.
  • Pass criminal history check.
  • Build caring relationships with children.
  • Select appropriate books with SMART students.
  • Attend SMART trainings.
  • Make every effort to find a substitute reader when necessary.
  • Agree to the following:
    • Do not take children outside or away from school.
    • Read in view of other adults.
    • Do not touch children in an inappropriate manner.
    • Do not give children gifts.
    • Model an enjoyment of reading and being with students. Have fun!

Teacher Assistant

Job Description: To contribute to the overall effectiveness of the teaching team by assisting the teachers with planning, implementing and evaluating school activities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Be prompt and dependable
  • Meet with teacher and plan days events
  • Listen and talk with the children
  • Participate in large and small group activities and routines
  • Play with children during free choice and outdoor time
  • Attend volunteer orientation
  • Comfort injured or sad children
  • Keep all classroom matters confidential
  • Track own time using the In-Kind sheet
  • Consult with the teacher to gain an understanding of acceptable methods of discipline
  • Always be visible around teachers with students
  • Have fun and learn the classroom environment


Job Description: To insure that WIC participants receive positive customer service and that the program meets quality standards.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill receptionist duties as needed.
  • Answer and refer all in-coming calls to appropriate person.
  • Greet all participants in a congenial, respectful, and professional manner.
  • Be familiar with use of the Oregon WIC Program Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Maintain clinic scheduling per scheduling policy.
  • Maintain cleanliness and safety of waiting area. Sanitize toys and other items as needed according to procedure.
  • Completes prescreening when applicants inquire about eligibility for participation.
  • Schedules certification screening and high risk appointments within the recommended timeline.
  • Notifies potential participants of the need to provide proof of Income, Identity, and Residency at their screening appointment.
  • Insures documentation of Income, Identity, and Residency is entered into the participants record.
  • Schedules participants for individual and group nutrition education contacts per scheduling policy.
  • Notifies participants verbally and in writing of ineligibility and/or termination of program benefits.

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