Dinner With The Judges

Cafe with a Judge asks minority communities about court experiences

Dealing with the court system can be challenging, especially for minorities.

Whether they are dealing with language barriers, unfamiliarity with the legal process or concerns about stereotyping from law enforcement, going to a courthouse can be daunting.

About 50 people packed a classroom at Blue Mountain Community, Hermiston campus Tuesday night to talk about how to mitigate some of those issues. A group of citizens put together the first “Cafe with a Judge” event, inviting members of local minority communities to talk about their experiences in the court system.

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Around The World In One Fun Day

Around The World In One Fun Day was an amazing success! It was incredible to see so many of our rich diverse cultural groups come together to make this event occur. As the year moves forward and more cultural events within ones community occur, I would like to encourage staff and clients you work with to attend these rich educational cultural opportunities.”

Jesus RomeCASA/Volunteer Manager

Be Inspired!

“This was a very enlightening and informative event, and very important considering our current cultural climate here in the US.  I think this falls on every single person to learn more about other cultures and the issues they are facing.  Dr Reyes and Jordan Chaney were fabulous, I could listen to them every day!”

Mike SnyderInformation Systems Director

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