Employee of the Month: April

Congratulations Jenna Reeves!!!
Data Entry Coordinator/Admin Assistant – Main Office

Jenna Reeves

Teamwork: Jenna has been working in multiple roles this past month, managing to work with flexibility, reliability, and positive support to multiple teams: education, ERSEA and main office. She was called on to support the Early Head Start Baby Faces Research project also, and she has done such a great job. She has managed the requests for scheduling, family/child/staff information, and communication with professionalism and patience. In doing this, she has created a positive approach to this research project, and the reviewers have noted how welcomed they have felt; I think Jenna set the precedent by the way she has interacted with everyone involved. Despite having a full work load already, she never complained or acted like the project was an inconvenience. She represented us in a positive way to the Research coordinator.

Leadership: Jenna was asked to take initiative in finding out what was needed for the Baby Faces project and then to facilitate needed communication and flow of information. I really appreciate how she set a really positive example in her attitude and approach to the requests. I think others followed her lead by responding in a professional way and not becoming anxious about the process, despite the busy time of year when it takes place. Throughout the steps of the process, Jenna has displayed a calm and organized approach to the requests and questions, and this has been obvious to those participating in the process. Her leadership lifted a burden for me as the program director and for those participating on the direct service level.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Jenna’s efforts and effective use of her time allowed for UMCHS to be represented well in the national study. Not only this, but her contribution of effort and leadership made this Baby Faces process a positive experience for the staff involved and for the children and families involved. No one “chose” to be involved; they were all randomly selected. Jenna’s approach allowed for this to be a good experience for all, instead of an added burden. I’m so grateful for her initiative, her dependability, her leadership, and her attitude. Jenna is such an asset to the experience of the staff, children, and families, and she made it possible for us to be represented well nationally. “Outstanding performance” is a great way to describe Jenna!

Thank you Jenna!!!