Employee of the Month: April

Congratulations Freddy Reyes!!!
Information Systems Manager – Main Office: Annex


Teamwork: Freddy Reyes exemplifies the idea of teamwork in virtually everything he does. He has been an outstanding team player since his first day with UMCHS, constantly looking for ways to serve others. He always maintains a positive attitude, even when things are extremely stressful and frustrating. Working with technology is not always an exact science, so it can pose certain challenges that take time to resolve. However Freddy realizes how important technology is to our day to day operations and strives to keep the entire team up and running as quickly as possible. He has spent countless hours working on our amazing website. This is also a great example of teamwork and collaboration. While Freddy is the man behind the curtain making all the magic happen, the UMCHS website is a joint effort of a large number of people, including feedback from most of our 200 plus staff. He has an outstanding ability to solicit information and gather facts to come up with new solutions that best serve the agency as a whole. While Freddy is only one person, he has fit well into our existing team here at UMCHS and has also made it better, much better!

Leadership: Freddy’s leadership skills also set him apart from others in the IT world. He is a very soft spoken individual, but is always one of the first ones to offer help. Whether that be helping someone unload a vehicle or dropping what he is working on to help a staff person resolve a computer issues, Freddy acts in a very selfless way and that is an inspiration for all of us here at UMCHS. I think that main quality that sets Freddy apart from others as far as leadership goes is how well he manages to remain calm under pressure. As mentioned IT can be a very taxing work world to be in. Constantly being bombarded with IT issues, new security threats, new technology to research, etc. Even with all that going on, Freddy goes about his work day in a very professional manner, and I think that is a great example for others to follow. I know if asked he would probably not consider himself a great leader, but I believe that great leadership starts with service to others, and Freddy is a master at that.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Freddy has been working very hard lately on pushing our website to that next level, the one where you just look at it and say “WOW!” It can be difficult to notice the changes as they happen slowly over time, but recently I took a vacation and when I came back and saw some of his work I was amazed at just how awesome his work is and how blessed we are to have him here. He has been working with an intern from Hermiston High School as well, and has taught him many new things about working in the IT world and brought the intern to a level of expertise that we can use his services twice a week to help relieve some of the issues we need to resolve. Freddy has been asked to do a LOT over the past month, making changes on the fly to Head Start applications, the No Wrong Door new collaboration project, updating Site Spotlights, graphic design, software and hardware support, traveling to remote locations, etc. To put it bluntly, he has been working his butt off and always does so with a positive attitude and as smile on his face. I know there are a lot of people who work very hard for UMCHS, but I am not sure many are as deserving of this award as I feel Freddy Reyes is at this time, so I do hope you will consider him for Employee of the Month!

Thank you Freddy!!!