Employee of the Month: April

Congratulations Dan Daltoso!!!
Associate Director – Main Office

Teamwork: It’s easy to practice teamwork when everyone’s winning and things are going as planned. But real teamwork shows up when things are hard. This month, multiple members of the Administrative team were out of town for professional and personal reasons. Dan stepped up and was willing to cover for those who were gone. He supported the work at the main office, taking on extra loads, so that others could focus elsewhere. At the same time, he continued to carry his own load and persevere through challenges related to agency-wide concerns with staffing, community contacts, and strategic plans for dose and duration.

Leadership: With an extra heavy load in the month of April, Dan could’ve made excuses not to attend meetings or follow through with obligations and responsibilities he had. However, he modeled diligence in being present when needed, while faithfully completing his own work. He represented the Agency well by speaking on our behalf to our Regional specialists, local school district leaders, and community members.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Dosage and Duration changes in program operations will stretch the capacity of our agency, but Dan has invested significant personal and professional time and energy to make sure children and families have excellent facilities for early learning. His commitment to providing outstanding spaces for staff has contributed to his unrelenting efforts to press through challenging negotiations and problem solving in order to maximize building opportunities. This process has required significant skill in communication, understanding regulations, writing explanations, managing funds, and innovating use of space. Dan has applied his many years of experience with UMCHS, combined with learning new information, to make sure our agency has the best resources to provide the best Head Start for children and families.

Thank you Dan!!!