Employee of the Month: December

Congratulations Brenda Burright!!!
CCR&R Consultant – Main Office Annex

Teamwork: Brenda is always a team player, has great leadership skills. Takes the time to teach me things and answer questions for me. Always with a positive attitude.

Brenda always answers questions I may have and never seems to mind if they are very minor ones or even repeated ones. She knows each county is different and is able to support each staff with their individual needs.

Brenda respects and recognizes the collective wisdom of all the consultants in our eight counties but clearly understands the unique individual strengths each possess. If she needs assistance with a particular situation or task, she knows who to ask, for the best outcome for the group.

Leadership: Brenda juggles many and varied tasks within the program with humor and professionalism. This has been especially evident as CCRR transitioned to a new director at the same time the Hermiston office lost two staff members. No matter what is thrown at her she is able to handle it. She doesn’t shy away from doing what she needs to do to find answers on the changes within the numerous programs/agencies that CCRR works with, contacting a variety of people until she gets the answers. Brenda is then able to merge all the information and share that out with the rest of the staff.

Brenda is knowledgeable about many things in the program, willing to figure out puzzle pieces to the ever changing “puzzle’ of DPU, OCCD,WOU, PSU, CCR&R, etc., …

During our transition in Directors, along with the CCR&R’s restructured work plan, and ADD TO THAT being short staffed in the main office she has exhibited what you would call “Grace under Fire.”

She has remained the one constant in this whirlwind of change in our Eight Counties.
Brenda leads by example, if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. If she makes a mistake she can easily laugh at herself and will readily share so as others do not make the same mistake. By the same token, Brenda is her own harshest critic. More than likely her personal Mantra is “I can do better.”

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Brenda helped us move the two behemoth storage units to our new space and did with it a smile on her face! ( in the dead heat of summer)

Recently I needed some overview packets and Alisen was coming out to visit me on short notice. Brenda was able to drop everything she was working on and make me a bunch of packets quickly so Alisen could bring them to me that morning.

Even while at a training out of town Brenda kept up with the majority of her office duties remotely. Making sure that providers, parents and staff continued to have their needs met in a timely manner. All the work she does for providers and staff supports children and families.

Thank you Brenda!!!