Employee of the Month: December

Congratulations Jessi Edwards!!!
ERSEA Manager – Main Office

Teamwork: Jessi interacts with family advocates, teachers, education managers, and other staff on a regular basis. She is always offering to help others with recruitments, ChildPlus, or any other help folks need. Jessi is always looking at the team as a whole and how it is functioning. She is always looking for ways to be efficient and help the team work together better. Recently she has used a new tool called Teams to bring efficiencies to the team. Working from a central location can be difficult when you have a team that is so spread out. This new tool has made it easier to connect with folks in other counties via video chat and other features. It ensures folks get the same support and attention as staff in closer proximity.

She is a confident leader and a strong team player. She looks at herself as part of a team. She understands that without a strong team we wouldn’t function as well as we do. She is always wanting to equip each person so they can be their best in their role and knows she may need to walk along side the team to strengthen it.

Leadership: In the role of ERSEA Manager you must be able to juggle many things at one time. There are times of the month that require our time to be pulled in many directions which can create a lot of pressure and stress. That’s without the added pressure of having 3 positions currently vacant. Jessi has shown great patience and leadership through this. She has remained calm, strategic, and spent her time very well to prioritize the various tasks and needs. She has really been a great example of a strong leader through this and through her day to day interactions with staff. She has kept a positive attitude and continues to be helpful to those around her even when there is more work in a week then time. She has shown that even when the work gets difficult you can continue to treat those around you with respect and kindness. She is always optimistic and thinking into the future.

She works very well with the Family Engagement Director to continue to strengthen the ERSEA department with new ideas and efficiencies.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Jessi has went above and beyond to assist in covering three key vacancies in our department. This has been no easy task as one of them is in another town. She has jumped in to ensure recruitment and enrollments continue to happen in Pendleton while keeping up on the data entry side of the work. She has done this with a positive attitude the whole way. She has had many early morning and late nights trying to keep up with the work. In the process she has provided great customer services to the families we serve and the families looking for opportunities with our programs.

Though this month has been difficult and there are more months to come where staffing will be a challenge, Jessi continues to come in everyday ready to tackle whatever comes her way. Her ability to take on these challenges with a positive attitude and constant willingness to help has been greatly appreciated. She has a true dedication not just to her job but to her department, the team, staff, and the agency. She is very skilled and a true asset to the agency.

Thank you Jessi!!!