Employee of the Month: February

Congratulations Kim Ables!!!
Family Support & Connections – Annex


Teamwork: Kim maintains a positive attitude at all times. She works in an arena of high stress; works with families dealing with trauma on a daily basis – yet Kim is upbeat and never complains. Kim makes time for fellow staff whenever they need support, advice, suggestions, or a shoulder to lean on.

Leadership: Kim Ables is a model employee, social service expert, and leader! She represents UMCHS well in her many interactions with partnering community agencies. She exemplifies the role of social services with her clients as she helps them navigate through traumatic experiences. Kim is a true leader aand brings out the best mothers. If only we clone Kim Ables!

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Kim completed her SSCBT certification. She had the highest score in all areas! The most impressive piece was her portfolio. The work she does with Families is amazing, heartwarming, and life changing. It was a humbling experience to read about how she cares about her clients and the difference she makes in their lives.

Thank you Kim!!!