Employee of the Month: February

Congratulations Sandy Snook!!!
Education Manager – Milton-Freewater

Teamwork: Sandy jumps in to help wherever there might be a need. She delegates when she must but she respects the workload on all of her team and steps in to do as much as she can, maybe even more than she should, to cover the kitchen, breaks, ice and snow removal, lend a listening ear, help a family, comfort a child, assist in getting meals on the table or cleaned up, sweeping, wiping tables, picking up supplies, and a million other things. There is so much that I am sure we are not aware of that Sandy does to keep our center running smoothly. Sandy also highlights each member of her team’s strengths. She does not always provide answers but will guide a discussion to help staff come to the conclusion on their own.

Leadership: With cold and flu season going around, a cold was caught by our leader. Did she stay home and rest? Nope. First, she came to work and got the most urgent things addressed before finally going home to rest. Sandy is consistently welcoming to every person that enters the center from delivery people to families to staff, she is never too busy to greet and assist each person she comes across.

Sandy runs by example in all things. When a teacher needs help with a challenging behavior, she makes suggestions but also tries her ideas herself, too. She follows up with those situations and helps tailor things to the needs of the child. There is nothing Sandy would ask her team to do that she would not be willing to do, also.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Sandy supports us tirelessly and then cooks dinner for her parenting class and sends individual reminder invites to the families each week to remind them she is looking forward to seeing them and continuing to celebrate successes and navigate pitfalls.

Thank you Sandy!!!