Employee of the Month: February

Congratulations Brianne Zier!!!
Family Support Specialist – La Grande

Brianne Zier

Teamwork: La Grande recently had some changes which required extra staff participation with cleaning. Bri was positive and ready to jump up to the plate. Bri and her team worked to divide the extra duties and start the process right away. She makes sure to take care of her responsibilities in between office time and home visits with her families. There are times when she goes out of her way to find an extra duty to support her team with vacuuming or safety in their space.

Leadership: Bri is a great support to her Healthy Families team even from a distance. When ever she finds a resource or information that would support other home visitors she shares them with her team. On group meeting days she is always enthusiastic and motivated to support her fellow coworker with a listening ear. She also is willing to share ideas that have worked for her in the past. Bri shows initiative to learn more about topics that affect families so she can support them to the best of her ability. Her compassion and work ethic shows in the work she does on a weekly basis.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Bri is currently serving families and noticed most of them struggled to connect with other friendly adults. Bri took it upon herself and planned fun play groups for her families to attend. She had a great turn out and parents who have attended mentioned they had a great time and are looking forward to future play groups. Bri even helps support parents in their growing leadership skills by encouraging them to plan activities for the future. Bri is supporting family protective factors, including social connection by providing play groups which is above and beyond her duties. Bri’s engagement rates shows how much of a positive impact she is having in supporting the children and families she serves.

Thank you Bri!