Employee of the Month: January

Congratulations Tina Estrada!!!
EHS Teacher – Pine Tree


Teamwork: Tina is always pleasant and helpful. She greets all the parents that come in our door and wishes them well everyday. She is always ready to listen and give advice to those who ask for it. Tina has a lot of insight and is very helpful to our teen moms. She has been in their shoes and is very apathetic to them and their needs. Tina always has a smile or a joke to make her co-workers laugh and brightens their day. She is very seldom absent and shows up to work on time and ready to tackle everyday. She has a lot of energy and really knows how to keep the day exciting and all of us glad to be at work.

Leadership: In the past couple of months we have been in-between team leaders. Tina has really stepped up and fulfilled a lot of the roles. She has been a great person to go to with issues and has great advice on how to handle things. She keeps things very professional and handles issues while maintaining confidentiality. Tina has gone above and beyond her role as a teacher and has stepped up to meet a lot of the needs of the center. From making sure supplies are ordered, covering in the kitchen, conducting meetings, sending out notifications to our team and parents Tina has shown that she has a true passion for our center and our agency–not to mention the families we serve.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Tina has been helping, when she can, downstairs in their classroom. She has been the sounding board for a lot of issues that have come up in our center. While at times it can be stressful, she has maintained a positive attitude and gives strong encouragement. One day when our cook was out shopping she even went into the kitchen and starting doing the dishes so Lisa wouldn’t be so overwhelmed when she returned. Tina always thinks of other people and puts their needs first no matter what it is. One icy morning she was out spreading ice melt on the sidewalks before anyone else arrived so that everyone would be safe. She is definitely more than a teacher, she is a true friend and leader. We are all very glad to have Tina at our center. She is very valuable to all of us and we couldn’t imagine our days without her.

Thank you Tina!!!