Employee of the Month: January 2017

Congratulations Carrie Litteral!!!
Teacher Assistant – Victory Square

Teamwork: Carrie is amazing she does her job over and beyond what is required of her. Carrie will help out when and where ever she is needed helping the pm teacher, helping in the kitchen as well as doing child care for other areas of the program. She is very reliable and is rarely absent. Carrie is a great asset to Victory Square. ON parent fun nights she will prepare the meal help prepare for the evening and do child care if needed and not committed to any area. Teamwork ethics is great she is my partner my co-worker my left hand. We are an awesome team together.

Leadership: Carrie has taken it upon herself to offer her help in any area from riding the bus for another class to helping out when the center is short staffed. When she has completed her class she will move into another classroom with the assistants of her teacher taking the afternoon bus route so that she can help out in the afternoon classroom. Her leadership skill are great works with everyone well. Helps in all areas within the center. Works very well independently. I love that I can give a job she gets right on it and completes it in a timely manor.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Carrie offered to ride the afternoon go home bus so that the afternoon teacher could begin her Parent/ Teacher conference. She stays after classes and helps clean the center. On Friday’s she deep cleans around the center. I can say Carrie is an outstanding Employee. Carrie is also working on her CDA and staying on track will attending to her daily duties at the center. She does an awesome job as a bus monitor greets the parents with a smile and a good morning. Parents love how great she is with their child. She enjoys doing crafts, teaching them the skills

Thank you Carrie!!!