Employee of the Month: March

Congratulations Jonny Badillo!!!
Family Advocate – Annex / Hermiston


Teamwork: Jonny is always in a positive mood and never fails to start a conversation with a fellow coworker. He greets everyone he sees with a good morning or how are you doing. Jonny is quick to support coworkers with their events by asking if they need assistance. During our team meetings he is always up to volunteer to man an event or come up with ideas or cheer on a coworker.

Leadership: Jonny is involved in many committees and groups. He takes the initiative to learn more about something so he can have accurate information. His work ethic and compassion towards his job and fellow employees sets a great example for everyone in this agency to follow.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Jonny’s new Dad program is amazing. He had a great turn out and a few people who have attended have mentioned they had a great time and are looking forward to other events in the future. Jonny really goes out of his way to provide services to all families he works with. I often see him running around looking for last minute materials or products a family might need…such as diapers or wipes or hammers. Jonny goes above and beyond each month in every aspect of his job.

Thank you Jonny!!!