Employee of the Month: November

Congratulations Ruby Anderson!!!
Teacher – Hermiston CDC

Teamwork: I just started working for UMCHS on November and from the first day I met Ruby she has had a positive attitude and interaction with everyone (employees, parents, children). She welcomed me to the team and has been supportive with me being a new employee. She is a great example of how to be a great team player and also a great support to fellow employees.

Leadership: Ruby sets a great example of how to talk to other employees as she always talks in a positive, calm and reassuring voice. She also has great leadership with her classroom and in CDC in general. I have only worked with Ruby a month and her leadership in CDC is great as she always communicates with everyone what she is doing and also anything new that we should know.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: She has had a positive impact on a family for a child in her classroom. She cares about what the families are going through and knows that what happens at home does make a difference in a child at school. I went with her on one home visit and she is such a caring and compassionate teacher that she really inspired me. I can’t wait to see what other great things this amazing teacher will do with her families, children and co-workers.

Thank you Ruby!!!