Employee of the Month: November

Congratulations Toni Eddy!!!
Fiscal Assistant – Main Office


Teamwork: Toni has been instrumental in working with staff and Colonial Life in assuring the changes in our benefits package was as seamless as possible. Her attention to detail has worked well for this agency in many areas but for my purpose in the area of benefits. She, on occasion kept me straight on ensuring coordinating benefits and patiently answering staff questions happened timely. When something came up I could be assured that she would address it immediately with me. Although small on a team scale all staff belong to big and small teams. Coordination of benefits was somewhat small scale but getting it “right” is on a large scale

Leadership: In my opinion, Toni sets a tone of empathy for all staff she she comes in contact with. This is a leadership trait that is commendable. I believe her positiveness towards staff can be contagious for others to follow. She can be caring yet firm when it’s needed. In her role as Fiscal Assistant her attention to detail is one of many reasons that I suggested her to fill that e role she currently occupies after her predecessor left the agency. I appreciate her level of leadership hence the reason for me to feel compelled to write this employee of the month recommendation.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: As you can see Toni is one of many valued employees I work with. Her career here at UMCHS, Inc has spanned 20 years. She has worked with children and families for most of her career and has a true “caring” about her that has made it’s mark in the communities we serve. Her special contribution from my opinion is her steady leadership in assuring that all benefits are correct and that staff get the services we offer.

Thank you Toni!!!