Employee of the Month: November

Congratulations Candy Green!!!
Ed Manager – Boardman CDC


Teamwork: Candy has been a blessing for our Boardman and Irrigon team. She has stepped up when needed in multiple positions, including but not limited to: teaching in the classroom to ensure that we have correct ratios, cooking meals for the children to ensure they have proper nutrition, and is always caring of her team members.

Leadership: Candy has been dealing with multiple concerns in Boardman and Irrigon. She has handle these tough situation well by attempting to remain calm and poise. She set the tone for our team to follow and makes us feel as if we are one.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Candy has stepped up where ever she was needed. If it was the Kitchen or the classroom she was there. On top of that she has been working none stop with our teacher and leadership group to ensure that reviews went well. With all this pressure she maintains a positive attitude and attempts to find solutions to issues right away.

Thank you Candy!!!