Employee of the Month: November

Congratulations Deb Robins!!!
Bus Driver – Punkin Center

Deb Robbins

Teamwork: Deb is the most upbeat and positive person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She always is quick with a smile and full of compliments. Deb notices even the smallest of changes and comments on them no matter if it is an adult or student. The students can’t wait to tell Driver Deb about their new shoes or something special they did over the weekend.

Deb is also reliable. I can’t remember a time she has missed work. She is always on time and patiently waiting for the students.

Leadership: Even when things are tough on the bus Deb has a great attitude. Deb knows all of the students names and even addresses parents and grandparents by name. She works very well with the parents and has a way of educating them with respect, leaving them with a positive feeling. Parents that we have had issues with not being on time to stops seem to understand the importance of timeliness when Driver Deb explains that “waiting just one extra minute at each stop can make us 20 minutes late for school. And that’s 20 minutes of fun and learning the children miss out on!”.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: The last couple of months have been tough both in the classroom and on the bus as we have a student that has needed extra help and guidance. Deb is open to trying different seating positions, songs on the bus, ways of getting the children safely loaded and unloaded, or even distraction activities all in an effort to make this child’s ride easier on him and therefore calmer and safer for the other students.

Deb is all about doing what it takes to get each child to school so that they can receive the education they deserve. She is a true believer that time spent on the school bus is an extension of the classroom and that it should be fun and educational too. My students love the time they spend on the bus. It is not uncommon to hear a child tell a parent that is picking them up that they would rather have ridden the bus home! Deb makes the trip fun. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just ask the kids about the turkey hat she wore the day before Thanksgiving break!

Thank you Deb!!!