Employee of the Month: October

Congratulations Esmeralda Eckhardt!!!
Education Manager – Umatilla

Teamwork: Esmeralda always presents a positive attitude whether dealing with those she supervises, families, or children. She is so supportive of the staff she supervises- advocating for them, helping them accomplish tasks, listening to their issues and providing feedback. Umatilla has experienced a difficult start this year, as they are still waiting for a teaching position to be filled. Esmeralda has helped the staff there pitch in to help on many days this fall. She has put a positive spin on the changing subs filling in- Most importantly, she has supported the forming of a strong team that can weather difficulties and learn to solve problems to meet some of the challenges they face.

Leadership: Esmeralda leads by modeling. She pitches in frequently to help classrooms missing a staff member.. She facilitates staff coming up with creative coverage solutions as well. Perhaps the most important leadership Esmeralda brings to the table is that she enables other staff to be concerned about their co-workers and be willing to help each other out. As any Ed Manger knows, when your team will work together to come up with solutions to issues , looking beyond their own interests to help others out, that team evolves into a highly functioning team. Esmeralda provides that kind of leadership.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Esmeralda completed all the Education Home Visits for Umatilla 2 this fall. In September and October, she visited families and children, gaining valuable information and assuring families that their children were receiving a positive and strong preschool experience despite not having a lead teacher in the classroom. She is the voice of experience in the classroom, and I am sure her calm and reassuring manner with families went a long way in making them feel they are receiving a quality Head Start experience.

Thank you Esmeralda!!!