Employee of the Month: October

Congratulations Mary Lou Gutierrez!!!
Parent Education Coordinator – Main Office

Mary Lou

Teamwork: Mary Lou is a constant support for all UMHS staff. She has a great deal of experience in all areas (ERSEA, WIC, CCR&R, and Head Start) under the UMHS umbrella and is often called upon to provide help, information and training. Mary Lou is the “go-to girl” for advice and information on many topics here at Umatilla Morrow Head Start, Inc.

Leadership: As mentioned previously, Mary Lou has experience in many areas. She is an excellent role model for all to follow; not only within the main office and annex, but who also reaches out to the centers she visits and the parents she meets. She is also involved with the many child care providers she instructs. We would all do well to ask “What would Mary Lou do?”

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Mary Lou spends many evenings connecting with parents and child care providers. During the month of October she taught five CCR&R classes, assisted with three Parent Education classes and facilitated two Parent Cafes. She is also involved with the Ford Leadership Group. Never once does she complain. She is kind, hard working, and more then deserving for the outstanding work she does on behalf of families and children. We are all very fortunate to have her represent UMHS.

Thank you Mary Lou!!!