Employee of the Month: October

Congratulations Madelynn “Maddy” Johnson!!!
EHS Associate Teacher – La Grande EHS CCP

Teamwork: Maddy is an integral and vital member for not only her La Grande team, she is huge asset to our UMCHS team! Maddy strives to maximize her day in every capacity, offering her support, assistance and skillset to her team. She is always looking for ways to be helpful, assisting team members where she can in ensuring that our EHS services are to the highest standard. Maddy truly grasps that there is no ‘i’ in team, working to build up those she works with, encouraging and offering her suggestions in working together to provide quality services, adjusting to where the need is. Her gentle and caring spirit shines in not only her interactions with infants and toddlers, but with those she works with as well, always approaching with a smile.

Leadership: Maddy has an uncanny ability to lead by example, while also encouraging those around her. She is a master at capitalizing on learning opportunities with the children she works with, maximizing every minute to teach skills. Maddy especially shines in moments of upset, seeing moments when children are struggling to navigate social-emotional development as an opportunity to teach skills. Her calm, soothing approach and steady instruction is one that is truly awe-inspiring to observe, modeling and inspiring all around her in doing the same. She strives to share Conscious Discipline and techniques, a light to caregivers and families around her. While she can communicate how she supports childrens’ development and growth, her actions speak louder than words and her leadership shines in her unwavering guidance.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Maddy has shown great perseverance and love for constant learning and development, especially in receiving her CDA this year! Through her own journey, she proved it was possible not only to herself, but her fellow co-workers. Maddy was highly effective in navigating how to put all of the pieces together to make it happen, paving the way for others in not only Union Co. but without her knowledge, assisted others in neighboring counties to utilize the same resources by sharing her success. Maddy especially has supported a fellow co-worker too in reaching her academic goal, to acquire her CDA. She has supported her co-worker in completing all of the necessary steps, connected her to resources, and has adjusted her own daily duties to ensure that her co-worker is successful, encouraging and supporting in the classroom. It is evident that Maddy wants nothing more than all around her the be successful, striving to help them reach their goals!

Thank you Maddy!!!