Employee of the Month: September

Congratulations Katie Wilson!!!
WIC – Pendleton

Katie Wilson

Teamwork: With starting this new enhanced day Katie signed up to help walk students from the front of the building to the classroom. This is special to our center and our partnership with the school district. Katie is always on time and ready to help the teachers and the students and families that she works with. If we did not have her help this year I do not know how we would be able to transport some of our students to the front of the building to go home. She is there to provide consistency and a smile for these students and families and that is so important to our program. Along with helping take the children through the building Katie has also helped us get our food carts back to the kitchen. This is another hiccup that we have by being in the school district building. And Katie has helped us strengthen that partnership by taking time out of her day to transport that cart for us. I believe that Katie embodies the word teamwork at our center.

Leadership: Katie is always ready to jump forward and help. Whether this is leading by example or taking charge Katie can always be depended on. In WIC she is the first person that a lot of families see, she is always ready to greet them with a smile and help them with whatever they need. During team meetings and wellness day she takes on pixies, which is a gift exchange that as a staff we participate.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Katie is nominated this month because of how above and beyond she has worked for head start and WIC! She is such a team player and valued member of our team!

Thank you Katie!!!