Employee of the Month: September

Congratulations Randy Vosberg!!!
Bus Driver – Hermiston Bus Barn


Teamwork: Randy epitomizes the term “Teamwork” as he always has an extremely positive attitude and goes out of his way to help others and brighten their day. We all work in a stressful environment at times, and this is very true for our bus drives. Randy always has a smile on his face and keeps his “glass half full”. Whenever he sees other staff he always asks how they are doing and also what he can do to help. Randy is a true team player and an asset to UMHS!

Leadership: Randy sets an example to be followed by everyone here at UMHS. His positive attitude is contagious, and he generally cares about the people he works with. He is a wonderful bus driver who always greets the children with a friendly smile and a familiar face. It is clear that Randy really loves what he does, and he sets an example for others to follow by keeping a positive attitude and always looking for the good in people and in life. Randy helps make UMHS an enjoyable place to work!

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Randy stopped in to visit a staff person about an issue he was having and noticed this person standing at his workstation. He was very interested in the standing workstation but more so in how the staff person was feeling. He took an interest in who he was, how he was feeling, and honestly wanted to know how he could help. Randy suggested the use of a padded mat to help alleviate stress on the lower back. When the staff person came back to his office later that day, Randy had gone and purchased a padded mat for him to stand on using his own money. This was an extremely nice gesture and the pad works awesome!!! Now while standing at his desk now he uses the pad and to help alleviate a lot of stress on the feet, legs and back and help alleviate pain in the lower back. This was a great safety tip and he took the initiative to make the purchase on his own. It not only made this person’s day, it added to the safety and well being of another staff person and that is well outside the scope of his regular duties. It is not often one person makes that much of an impact, Randy is very deserving of this award!

Thank you Randy!!!