Employee of the Month: September

Congratulations Marisol Esparza!!!
Fiscal Clerk – Main Office


Teamwork: Marisol had a VERY busy summer, and she was amazing at helping keep us all going through this crazy time of growth and expansion. We were ordering office furniture, computers, office supplies, etc. We had a constant flow of UPS and FedEx deliveries coming in daily, multiple times a day, bringing in stacks of boxes and burying Marisol behind her desk. She was able to keep all of that organized and get everything delivered to the right person/department, which helped many people get their jobs done. This is the definition of teamwork, and she was a super star at it!!!

Leadership: Lead by example is the best form of leadership, and while this was a very busy summer and I am sure extremely hectic and taxing for our poor fiscal staff, Marisol came to work every day with a smile on her face. There were many times where orders were lost or incomplete, or came late, and staff were constantly asking Marisol for assistance. We were short staffed and that makes it even harder to stay calm and do your job in a way that is pleasing to others, but Marisol never skipped a beat. She is a pleasure to work with and does an awesome job for UMCHS. She is always very easy to talk to and work through any issues, and I think all of us can follow her commitment and leadership!

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: As mentioned this summer was in a word CRAZY!!! We had so much going on, and a majority of that involved fiscal and Marisol. She kept all the orders in line and made sure everyone received what was needed, and did so in a timely fashion and I never saw her get flustered or act unprofessional at any time, which is not easy to do. She was doing all this while being short handed too, as we had not hired additional help in the fiscal department. We do not have nominations over the summer, if we did I would have nominated her multiple times over the summer, she was THAT good!

Thank you Marisol!!!