Employee of the Month: September

Congratulations Raquel Gutierrez!!!
Healthy Families Supervisor – HCSR

Raquel Gutierrez

Teamwork: Raquel is an amazing team player and support for everyone. She works diligently to ensure everyone in her team, both below and above her are successful. She is more than willing to help others when asks, but in the same retrospect she’s willing to utilize her team members for support.

Leadership: Raquel sets the standard for what leadership should look like. She holds other accountable, but in a way that makes them feel supported. Her ability to be reflective and help others do so makes her an ideal leader and support. She steps up and makes decisions and guides people in the right direction. Raquel also models expectations and has an amazing work ethic that sets the standard for others.

Outstanding Performance for the Month Nominated: Raquel has taken on so much in her role lately with the transition of staff. She is doing her own job, while supporting the job of a Family support specialist, as well as pieces of the program manger position. I have been able to lean on her since day one of starting my position within the program and she has been incredibly helpful, patient, and willing to support me in my new role. She has certainly gone above and beyond her role and has done so with a smile.

Thank you Raquel!!!