Thank you for your input! As we process the feedback, through June, please use the following as a guide.

Let’s make the due date for the SLT Report on Friday at 12 noon. Our goal is to turn that around by 10 am Monday am. Let’s do this:

Simplify your TOWS/SWOT – set a timer and spend NO MORE THAN 1O MIN. on the TOWS/SWOT and 10 MIN on the Upcoming Summary.

Adhere to the following for the roles in your KRA:

  • Challenges and threats are the things that keep you up at night or that describe a significant negative potential impact or risk to the program, participant or agency.
  • Weaknesses are something that might trouble you but they are an everyday sort of occurrence or more minor, an error, letdown, inconvenience, system issue you are addressing but not a trend.
  • Opportunities are dynamics and resources we can leverage to achieve better outcomes.
  • Strengths are those assets that we have in place – sometimes they’re people, experiences, achievements we should celebrate that show our strength and effectiveness.

Data takes time but is less frequently shared though always welcomed… I leave that up to you to ascertain how best to showcase the outcome but suggest a ‘bottom line’, ie, when showing a graph, what does it say that is compelling.

Thank you again for the investments you make in the lives of children & families & our communities! You are appreciated! Maureen