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National Nutrition Month

In light of March being National Nutrition Month we have been learning more about nutrition in the classroom.
We started by reading the story, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” The children took turns using Kris’s hand cranked grinder to grind wheat for flour. Some of the wheat came from wheat the class planted last spring and Kris took it home to keep it growing over the summer. We made pancakes with the flour and the children each made a page describing what they learned for our classroom story book about pancakes. We planted wheat so we can continue the process next year.
We have been talking about “eating a rainbow” of foods. Molly made a large rainbow and each child picked out foods that they like to eat and glued them to the rainbow.
Molly is working on helping each child complete a “my plate” by gluing the foods they like in each food group to a placemat. When completed, each child will use their placemat for meals in the classroom before taking them home.
Molly started a “Dinner in a Crockpot” activity to include families in the nutrition discussion. The Enterprise Christian church donated a crock pot to our school. Molly put together the crock pot, recipe for Salsa Bean soup, ingredients for the soup, and books about healthy foods in a large tote. She then invites each family to take the tote for one week. Many of the families have participated and thanked her for her efforts.

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