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Yoga for you Toes! Toe-Ga

We are super excited about the year coming to an end. All the kids have learned so much with hands on science experiments and lots of art to self explore. This year Lil Pup’s Class 4 learned how to manage feeling and calmness through yoga and yoga breathing. Every child is so excited to moving forward to become a big kid at the big school ( in their words!).

Hermiston Center for School Readiness


Krista, the mental health manager offers a home visitor support group once a month to any staff that completes home visits. Krista organizes speakers which include life ways, Domestic violence services and Department of human resources. These groups are designed to help support home visitors by giving them the extra tools in supporting families. Additional topics the group has covered includes debriefing, home visiting safety and home visitor self-care. Thank you Krista for facilitating a group that helps uplift, energize and support UMCHS staff so that we are able to give families the best services and information. The group usually meets once per month, on a Friday morning in Hermiston. It is an easy going and relaxed atmosphere to learn more about issues that affect families.

If you would like to know more information please call Krista at the center for school readiness at 541-667-6164