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What parents say about the Home Visiting Program

What I love about this program is that she (Home Visitor) helps bring out the creativity in my son. We build on the things he is lacking in, like when he was not into touching textures, but now he likes them. But the creativity she brings is my favorite thing.

Desiree Mills

I really like the program and Santos really enjoys when she (Home Visitor) comes. And I like all the activities she brings. She makes us feel at ease and comfortable and she is open to doing other things, not just what she has planned.

Aaron Franco

End of Year Carnival

CDC hosted a fun carnival/water themed end of year bash for families to wrap up the year. Overall we had 26 families (over 80 people) show up with moms, dads, grandparents, and siblings to enjoy some games, face painting, food, and great company. It was a wonderful event to tie up the year and celebrate how far our families and children have come.

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