We GROW When We GO

by Julie Sanders


This month our theme focuses on great attendance.  We GROW When We GO!

You can see the theme if you:

  • Look on our Facebook page, where inspiring messages and facts will pop up throughout the month, along with helpful videos. Please share!
  • Take a look at this resource for YOU, (just click) with information about Attendance Habits in Preschool.
  • Check out our Facebook page, when bus drivers report their bus was full.  They’ll include a photo of their bus, which helps kiddos get to school!
  • Look for a handout next week, with an English/Spanish info graphic about when kids are Too Sick for School.
  • See the graphic attached to this email about ATTENDANCE.  It’s the first on our Facebook page, paving the way for more!
  • Be sure your outdoor sign We GROW When We GO is planted firmly in a prominent place to encourage attendance! Ask if you need one!
  • Policy Council will create their list of the Top 10 Ways to Get Parents to Attend. One PC contributor will win a Kindle Touch!
  • Staff will create the 50 best ideas to get kids to school.   Send me your idea to be included in the list!
  • All staff who miss fewer than 2 unplanned absences in September will be entered to win a Team Treat & Trophy for their October Team Meeting!

GOOD ATTENDANCE is a school readiness (and life readiness!) skill for children and parents. 

Let’s model great attendance in coming to work on time, every day.

Let’s encourage families to come their first parent center meetings.

Let’s celebrate each day our kiddos come to learn and grow.

Let’s make September a strong start to the year.  We GROW When We GO!