September 2018

Parents and caregivers, we have some pretty stellar things happening at our centers across 8 counties! September is our first month for Family Fun Nights and Center Parent Meetings. This is a time to interact with the staff, other parents, children, and learn/share about your family with your newly found Head Start family.

This is also a time for you to be a part of Policy Council and Center Committees. What that really means is, we see you as leaders and helping pave the way for your child’s learning through sharing about your community, local center, and family with the rest of UMCHS. It’s also an opportunity for you to guide what happens at Center Meetings and Family Fun Nights.

Our parents at UMCHS are the PRIMARY teachers of their children. We only become stronger with you at the table. Your partnership and dedication to these younger years is truly incredible.

THANK YOU Pendleton Early Head Start and Pendleton Early Learning Center CCP families and staff for sharing this special moment in time with us and other parents.