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Week of the Young Child

We had a great time with all of our activities! We had such a great turn out of volunteers to join in our celebrations.

Monday: Creative Arts. We had lots of art stations in all 3 classrooms. Spin art, finger painting, water colors by blowing paints through straws and stamping and sponge painting.

Tuesday: Science was fun with making Gack, using water colors on our blocks of ice, volcanos,

Wednesday : Music day was filled with volunteers from community and our center. We were entertained with guitars, saxophones, flutes and piccolos, as well as ukuleles. We even learned to sing “You are my Sunshine”

Thursday: We had a great Literacy day with volunteers in all 3 classrooms reading to our children, with puppets and lots of props! Every child received a free book also.

Definitely doing this again in 2019!

Will It Grow BackWill It Grow Back?

Prior to Spring Break the Milton-Freewater 1 classroom planted grass seed in cups with a picture of children’s cute little faces on the outside of the cup. Upon the children’s return from Spring Break, low and behold the children needed to give themselves a haircut! This activity provided opportunity for children to do predictions, such as “Will their hair grow back? How long will it take for their hair to grow back? Will their hair grow at the same speed as their classmates? and Does the grass grow the same way as the children’s hair?”

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