Volunteer of the Month: January

Congratulations Belinda Lawson!!!
Hermiston CDC


Belinda comes to our classroom every Tuesday morning. She walks in with a smile on her face and completely ready to jump in and help. She sits with us during circle time and knows all our songs and the routine of small group. She is patient with the children during breakfast allowing them to serve themselves and helps them clean up their own area. The teachers do not need to direct Belinda, she is ready to wipe tables, sweep, clean up toys, etc. Belinda always asks the teacher if there is anything she can do such as cutting out crafts, preparing items for lesson plans, and/or organizing the classroom. All the children enjoy Belinda’s company. She also asks them how their week is going and carries on endless conversations with them. Belinda is a great help and we truly look forward to her volunteer work each week.