Volunteer of the Month: January

Congratulations Heather Boodt!!!
Pilot Rock

Heather is a parent that is volunteering in our classroom this year. She spends 1 full day a week and then comes in 2 days a week to help with breakfast and lunch. Heather spends time in our classroom lending an extra hand to help during the transitions, meal set up and clean up. She has learned the classroom routine and agency policies and if she is unsure of how to handle a situation or what the procedure is for a tricky situation she will ask staff for assistance and/or clarification.

Heather interacts with the students with a positive approach; smiling, using a gentle and calm voice, providing affirmations to their work and stories they share. She will join in during our “Boogie Time” and dance/exercise with us. Heather goes the extra mile to help out in class by taking over activities or running quick errand when asked so that staff can handle situations that need immediate attention. Heather comes in to lend an extra hand when special events occur such as field trips, science projects or cooking activities that are on the agenda. Heather also comes in to be an extra set of hands when staff are absent so that the classroom has extra support. The students (and staff 🙂 )have become accustomed to having Heather be a part of our classroom that when she is not here, they ask where she is and wish her well.