Volunteer of the Month: March

Congratulations Marylou Guentert!!!
Enterprise Center


Affectionately referred to as “Noni”, Marylou is a wonderful classroom volunteer! As a former teacher, Marylou is a highly skilled and valuable volunteer! She assists with the daily routine from circle time to meal time. Marylou enjoys encouraging each student and is extremely helpful at redirecting students. Marylou volunteers each Thursday and is a huge asset to our center.

Marylou started volunteering in the classroom four years ago when her granddaughter was in the classroom. She was teaching at the Joseph Charter School at the time and took her lunch break to volunteer in our classroom and have lunch with her granddaughter. After her granddaughter went on to kindergarten, Marylou called and asked if she could continue to volunteer in the classroom. She has continued to come each week for the past three years. She understands child development and is able to relate to the children, parents and staff. She travels 35 miles round trip from her home outside of Joseph to our classroom each week. She is very dedicated to the education of all children.

Marylou assists in the daily routine helping keep students on task during circle time, meal time and free choice time. She is willing to do any task that needs doing, from the daily routine to helping students work through problem behaviors to classroom cleanup.

Marylou is invaluable in the classroom! She is a ray of sunshine to our week and is treasured by staff and students!