Volunteer of the Month: March

Congratulations Chelci Collins!!!

ChelciChelci Collins volunteers once a week and participates in policy council. As my PC rep, she has brought great ideas and has been an effective voice for our community. Chelci knows the children and the requirements of Head Start. She has adapted to the positive language we use and is such a help when she volunteers. Chelci also has taken the role of parent group president. Through this role she has transformed our amazing meetings to something even greater. We partner with the Ready to Learn program through the Stanfield Library. We added a parent/child activity after the Ready to Learn program. We have offered painting with polish activities, Lego and building activities, and planting activities. Not only that, but Chelci has been a voice for parent education in this community and has encouraged the first parent education cafe in Echo, which happens tonight. Chelci has embraced the vision and heart of Head Start and has been a great influence on our community! Thank you Chelci.