Volunteer of the Month: March

Congratulations Iveht Sanchez!!!
Sam Boardman

Iveht Sanchez

Iveht started the year off volunteering in the classroom. Her children and her self are very shy. She would come walking with her children to school and spend the day with us. She and the children started to become more use to the classroom. Iveht became very involved in all that head start has to offer. She signed up for all the parenting classes that are offered in our area. Every parent meeting she attends. I tell her things that are happening around the community for her to learn to become a better parent, and she willing attends and asked for more information. She is willing to do anything that helps her learn to be a better parent.

When I first started to work with the family, they lived in very low quality living. She filled out application for different housing. Iveht follow up with her house to make a better life for her and her three children. During winter Break they were able to move into a very safe apartment.

Iveht then started to do her jobs program in the classroom with me. Iveht does a amazing job with the children. She reads with them during free choice an they love it. She helps me with small groups. For goal related activities, I will ask Iveht for ideas. She helps me with the lesson plans. Iveht also helps me a great deal with the portfolios. She has a sure talent with them.

I have great confidence when I ask Iveht to do anything for me. I lay out items on her desk and leave notes of things that I want done and they are completed in a timely manor.
Iveht has came so far in just a few months. The family started out as a very shy timed family that lived in very poor condition. To a family that is living in safe living space, that is talking and communicating there needs and wants to me.