Volunteer of the Month: March

Congratulations Joel Hodge!!!
Victory Square

Joel Hodge

Joel is a Smart Program reader and has been coming to Victory Square I for many years. He is great with the kids reads two to three books to each child depending on time. He works for the Walmart DC here in town and is allowed by the company to come to the center 1.5 hours a week. We can always count on him being here. Joel contacts Jesus at the end of summer to let him know he is ready to come back and read to the children. He is a great man to come in and read to the children in my classroom. Many children want him to be the reader because he talks about the story with them and ask them questions about the book they have read. When he calls the child to the table by their name he allows them to chose the book that they want him to read with them. As the school year goes on he’ll ask if they learned how to write their name yet if they know how he allows them to write their name on the store to show its their very own book. I really appreciate all he does to read to my children every week and would like him to be recognized for his service as a Smart Reader.