Volunteer of the Month: November

Congratulations Yaritza Cambero!!!
Sam Boardman


Yaritza has been coming to the class room every day to cover, due to staffing issues. She has been doing the rule of the Teacher assistant. Yaritza understand and respect Head Start Policy. If Yaritza has a question or does not know how to handle the situation she asks. She asked when in the classroom what I need her to do and she completes it in a fast orderly manner.

Last year Yartiza got her back ground check completed and was able to help in the classroom. During this year the teacher had to be out due to training Yaritza was the first person I thought to have come volunteer. I knew when I asked her to come in I could count on her to be there. For the past month or so there has not been a TA out at Samboardman. Again the first person I called was Yaritza. At first she was not able to help in the classroom and so I tried other people. One was 45 min late and the other one never even showed up. Than Yartiza was able to help out. She has so much knowledge of how Head start runs that I look at her more as a staff member than a parent. The room became calm again with her help.

She attended the policy council last year as an alternate and this year she is the rep. Each month she goes to represent her child’s classroom.
I do not think that my sanity would not of lasted if it weren’t for Yaritza these last couple of months.