Volunteer of the Month: November

Congratulations Bryson Thornton!!!
Pilot Rock

Bryson is a Junior in High School who chose to volunteer in our classroom as part of his elective course. He spends an average of 40 minutes a day. He walks down to our classroom anytime he does not have a ride despite weather conditions.

He is ready to jump in and be a part of the daily tooth brushing routine and outdoor play. He even jumps right in to whatever change we have made without skipping a beat. He will ask questions if he is unsure of something. He is very receptive to teachers directions and explanation of policies/procedures and is diligent in following those policies.

Bryson comes in during breakfast clean up transition to large group and gets to work by checking in on both sign in sheets and placing his badge on. He assists with the clean up and ensuring all tooth brushing tools are set up and ready. Once this is ready, he comes to carpet to join in Large Group time and participates by providing information or assisting with students that might need redirection.

When it’s time to begin tooth brushing, he ensures he is wearing the appropriate latex gloves while handling the toothpaste dixie cups and tooth brushes. He talks to the kids and ensures to get down at their level and helps them find their spot to hang up tooth brushes. He also redirects students to classroom expectations/rules/routines.

During outside time, the kids enjoy playing Dinosaur/Super Hero Freeze tag (basically any character) with Bryson. He interacts with them through play, verbal interaction and also in resolving conflicts. Bryson has a positive impact not only with the students but staff as well.