Volunteer of the Month: October

Congratulations Cynthia Jackson!!!


Cynthia not only volunteered to help in the classroom when I unexpectedly had to be out, or when my TA was out, but she also has volunteered to be the Parent Group President and Policy Council Representative. Cynthia had made it a priority to learn about the Head Start program and the quality of care we provide. Because of that she provides the same care when volunteering in the classroom. She has also been available for field trips.

Cynthia has been a huge help this year. She has taken on the role of Parent Group President with motivation and excitement. Our first parent meeting was so successful and I know it is because of her enthusiasm. She not only prepares and plans the meetings, she also provides flyers and materials needed.

Cynthia also took on the role of Policy Council. She is so excited about this position and is taking it very seriously. She went to the first meeting and brought back information for us. She gave me her book to use in the classroom for that week and suggested a literacy activity. It was also a great success.

Cynthia’s help in the classroom is huge. She knows about PBIS and uses our phrases to encourage the children. She enjoys being with the kids and helping the learn. She is a huge support to our classroom and to Head Start as a whole.