Volunteer of the Month: October

Congratulations Paula Lopez!!!
Sam Boardman


Paula, has been coming into the classroom almost every day. At the start of the year she did not come in much due to being sick. The staff encouraged her to come into the classroom to help with her issues. She started to come in regular, which has help with her illness.
Paula is a great help. She helps with cleaning the classroom. During small group activities she helps at a table that is needed. She enjoys spending time in the classroom and she wants to be kept busy.

The normal staff have been out so in the classroom she helps us translate to the children when needed. Paula knows the routine so while I am with the children she is setting for the next transition.
For the past month we have been having staffing issues, and I feel that Paula has provided us with lots of support. Without her volunteering I feel the class would not have ran as smooth as it had.